Turi Wasi House Boutique

Turi Wasi House Boutique

Welcome to Turi Wasi House Boutique, where authenticity blends with hospitality to create a unique experience in Cusco! Immerse yourself in our historical stone walls dating back to the Inca Empire, themed rooms representing Andean worlds, and the warmth of our family.

Tradition meets modernity here, where every corner holds a touch of magic. Explore our hotel's rich cultural heritage and become part of the Andean brotherhood that unites us all at Turi Wasi!



With a renewed image and an identity that reflects the very essence of Cusco, at Turi Wasi House Boutique, we invite you to experience exceptional accommodation. From our carefully decorated spaces to our warm service, every detail is designed to convey the passion and tradition of the land of the Incas.

Find Us Easily:  Our address is Suecia 310, Cusco 08002, and we are delighted to welcome you to our home in the heart of the city. Easily locate our location on the map and plan your visit to Cusco with us. We look forward to welcoming you very soon!